梅琳特色  Meilin Hightlights
We provide in-depth tours based on local culture.
We ensure you a wonderful vacation with professional and thoughtful service.
We contribute $2,000,000 travel insurance and $200,000 health insurance. 
行程特色  Tour Hightlights


●明池森林遊樂區  高山湖泊,終年雲霧飄渺~素有北橫明珠之美稱!

Mingchih Forest Recreational Area is fascinating and relaxing.

●武陵農場 尋訪被世人遺忘的~桃花源~

Wuling Farm is the forgotten yet amazing wonderland

●福壽山農場 福壽山美景勝收~雲霧變化萬千~四季各有不同風采!

Fushoushan scnery at Fushoushan differs from time to time.

●藍茵湖 湖水清澈見底,湖中有綠頭鴨、鴛鴦等可愛的模樣。

Lan Yin Lake The water is so clean to see the bottom of the lake.

●燕子口步道 這裡是太魯閣國家公園最精華的美麗風景。

Swallow Grotto Trail is the essence of Taroko National Park.

●體驗"划竹筏" 讓您在秀姑巒溪上體驗划竹筏樂趣及欣賞沿途景色!

Bamboo Rafting and the scenery along the river are great.

●十分老街~放天燈 超夯鐵道上放天燈~可以許個願望看天燈冉冉上升

Flying sky lantern is most popular activity at Shifen Old Street.

●安排美食饗宴 高山美食饗宴、酒店自助式餐、石梯坪海鮮料理

Special dishes, buffet and seafood meal are all included.



In-flight Meal
Hsuehshan Tunnel
is a 13-kilometer freeway tunnel connecting New Taipei City and Yilan County. Tunnel construction took 15 years to go through Snow Mountain and complete.
is regarded as wonderland consisted of clear water, clean air and natural views. It is highly recommended to relax and enjoy the ecological tour and cold spring here.
Northern Cross-island Highway,
a road with white dead woods on both sides is especially known for misty views and mysterious sensation.
Special dishes for dinner @Mingchih
Overnight @Mingchih Resort   
Comfortable log cabins are built on the mountain side. Visitors can experience fresh air and green shower which is notably good for lung and boosting metabolism. Hope you do take deep breath and bring healthy back home.


Mingchih Forest Recreational Area ★Feature: View like paradise
Mingchih Forest Recreational Area has the charming characteristics of paradise with geographical advantage of high sea level above 1150 meters. Dense fog gives visitors fascinating feelings, given the name "Pearl of Northern Cross-island Highway".
Forest lunchbox and Makauy soup for lunch @Recreational Area
Makauy Divine Trees Garden
is an original forest where hundreds of thousand-year-old Taiwan cypress are grown. Some ancient trees are even named after historical figures, like Confucius, Szuma Chien and Wu Che-tien. There are long distance hiking trail and short one as well. It is a good chance for you to embrace the lush green mountain.
Special dishes for dinner @Ying Shih Guest House
Overnight @Ying Shih Guest House
nestled on the eastern slopes of Snow Mountain; it is a wonderful accommodation for overlooking Lanyang Plain and for star gazing. With its professional and thoughtful service, Ying Shih Guest House is a great choice to get away from the busy pace of city life.



Wuling Farm is situated among high mountains. With countless streams flowing around at different altitude, the Farm provides unique ecological environment for diverse living creatures.
◆Wuling Farm is well known for high mountains, clean water and rare fish. Taiwanese salmon, a freshwater salmonid fish endemic to Taiwan, is considered a national treasure. There are countless things to be explored during each season.

Special hot pot for lunch @Hoya Resort Hotel Wuling
Ecological tour in Wuling Farm
(1) Taiwanese Salmon Rehabilitation Center (2) Wuling Suspension Bridge (3) Tea Garden Trail (4) Snow Mountain Trailhead
Buffet for dinner @Hoya Resort Hotel Wuling

Overnight @Hoya Resort Hotel Wuling,
one of a kind paradise surrounded by Snow Mountain Gorge and rivers, features spa, stargazing activities, cozy accommodation and endless view of nature.


Fushoushan Farm is situated right between SheiPa and Taroko National Park surrounded by mountains and wide view. Hills and mountain ridges in SheiPa as well as silvergrass dance in Taroko are all worth seeing.
Special meal @Fushoushan Farm
Tianchi (Heavenly Pond)
on the top of Fushoushan Farm, located at altitude of 2580 meters, is filled with water and surrounded by flowers all year long. The Chiang Kai-shek Villa next to the pond, where at former president lived, is gracefully furnished.
Lan Yin Lake
is also called "the sapphire fell from heaven". The water is so clear that you can see the bottom of it. The view reflected on the surface makes this sapphire a magnificent wonderland.
Special meal for dinner @Lishan Guest House
Overnight @Lishan Guest House,
one and the highest of three great palace hotels, features antique appearance and elegant furnishing. Many people have dream to stay for a night in Lishan Guest House. Let's make the dream come true!



Central Cross-Island Highway is the highest highway in Taiwan, 3,000 meters above sea level. Visitors are always overwhelmed by the wonder at the ridge of Taiwan. The special scenery along the way changes with diverse altitude and climates. You can experience four seasons at just one trip.
▲Visitors with cardiovascular disease, lung disease or pregnant women and infants should assess the risk of traveling at altitude of 3,000 meters.
Special dishes for lunch @Dayuling
Taroko National Park,
impressive grand nature scenery of cliffs and canyons stretches along Taroko Gorge and Liwu River. After millions of years of wind erosion and river cutting, the natural scenery here is breathtaking and worldwide known.
Guanyuan Air Trail
—when it is a sunny day, you can gaze at marvelous view of Mountain Hehuan. When it is a misty day, you can walk toward heaven through the trail surrounded by cloud.
Bilu Sacred Tree,
aged 3,300 years old, is a living evergreen Lunta fir. The green buds bursting on branch make this lush green tree more vigorous.
Buffet for dinner @Silks Place Taroko
Silks Place Taroko
is a great spot for you to embrace the gorge view in national park and to be soaked in the beautiful nature.


Baiyang Trail (Please bring a flashlight). You can look at the fantastic gorge and river running below along the trail. It is also amazing to watch water falls from cliffs like a huge white curtain.
Special dishes for lunch @Silks Place Taroko
Swallow Grotto, part of Taroko Gorge, repeated bending road is embedded halfway the marble cliffs. Tunnels and semi-tunnels follow one by one. Its special view brings unique sensation to visitors.
Buluowan is surrounded by mountains and streams. You can enjoy the green shower and bird singing here. Just slow down your pace and relax.
Dream Pond @Villa Home is a popular tourist spot since it showed up in well-known television commercial. Fresh air and beautiful pine trees reflected on surface of the pond are good reasons for you to visit here.
Special dishes for dinner @Hualien Toong Mao Resort
Hualien Toong Mao Resort features high mountains and exquisite garden view. Playground for children and sunshine terrace are also provided.



Hualien Cliff Air Corridor is a 7-floor-high crystal corridor built on the cliff. You can enjoy the grand view of unique reef rock and waves splashing underneath your feet.
Seafood dishes for lunch @Shitiping
Bamboo Rafting @Jingpu Tribe along the serene river, you explore the lush green mountains and bizarre rocks. Peaceful rafting will be your special escape from stressing world.
Suhua Highway is a 118-kilometer highway with a portion built alongside almost-vertical cliffs high above the Pacific Ocean. Famous tourist stops include the Chingshui Cliffs. You can look up to cliffs of gneiss and marble from sheer drops while look down to the grand deep-blue ocean.
Seafood dishes for dinner @Suao
Overnight @Just Sleep JiaoXi is situated in the popular business district. Well known spots like Jiaoxi Hot Spring Plaza are all within walking reach. Just Sleep Jiaoxi is a relaxing resting place for all travelers.


Shifen Waterfall, the majestic curtain waterfall is regarded as "Nicaragua of Taiwan". With tons of water falling down, rainbow is often formed, also giving the name "Rainbow Abyss".
Flying sky lantern @Shifen Old Street, built on both side of railway. If interested, you can purchase a sky lantern, write down wishes and fly the lantern via instruction of friendly shop owners. Let's make the wishes come true!
Lunch @Taoyuan International Airport NOT included
Heading to airport and bound for sweet home, the end of fun-filled tour.


備註  Remarks

(1)You may not bring pets and harmful material onto transportation vehicles to ensure safety of all participants. Thanks for corporation.

(2)In the event of natural calamities or unavoidable circumstances, Meilin Company has discretionary powers to modify the route or cancel the tour.

(3)If the participant requests to cancel or post-pone the tour, he/ she will be responsible for the related charge.

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(5)Cancellation Terms: In accordance with government regulation, Tour Company and the participants should sign Standard Domestic Travel Contract. Please refer to the Contract for cancellation terms.Meilin Company provide premium business class bus with 3-row comfortable seat, photocatalyst air purifier, interior lighting, PHILIPS coffee machine, USB charge port and Wifi service.