梅琳特色 Meilin Hightlights
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行程特色 Tour Hightlights


●海洋生物博物館 全台規模最大、親子來台必遊景點!

National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium The largest in Taiwan


The Love Boat looking at the romantic sights of Love River

●阿里山森林遊樂區 蘊藏豐富自然景觀,沿途景色秀麗讓人驚艷不已。

Alishan National Scenic Area Rich in the nature scene

●日月潭搭乘"纜車" 保證讓您體驗明潭漫步雲端的滋味~

Cable Car at Sun Moon Lake Like walking above the lake

●懷舊九份老街 魅力小鎮,享受特有的小徑通幽賞景之樂!

Jiufen Old Street Enjoy the extraordinary village

●多良車站 全台最美麗的車站,與世隔絕,炫掛在蔚藍的太平洋旁邊~

Duoliang Station The most beautiful station of Taiwan

●美食饗宴 阿妹茶樓、熊貓樂園BBQ、櫻之田野小火鍋、在地風味料理。

Delicious Dishes Amei teahouse.BBQ.Sakura hot pot and so on



Hsuehshan Tunnel The tunnel is bored through the Hsuehshan Range. The road connects Taipei through New Taipei to Yilan County, cutting down the journey time from two hours to just half an hour.[2] It bypasses the rural district of Pinglin, which used to receive high traffic prior to the completion of the tunnel.
Lunch @ Jiaosi
Yanzikou Trail 
The walls on each side of the river contain caves which form natural nesting places for spring swallow birds, bringing life to the area nearby the roaring river, with locals naming it Swallow Grotto.The path is shared between pedestrians and automobiles (one-way traffic), and a tunnel is located south of the primary trail running parallel for main traffic
Dinner @ Sakura restaurant
Accommodation @ F Hotel 
F Hotel Hualien Zhongxiao is located in the heart of Hualien City, only about 5-minute walk to the Hualien Cultural Creative Industries Park. The green walls create a concept of refreshing and cozy green life where guests may perceive the natural fresh air and relaxing atmosphere of the mountain.


Fengbin SkywalkThe skywalk was built from an old narrow trail constructed during the Japanese colonial period. A 20-meter transparent section of the skywalk, built from H steel beams and tempered glass, is 50 meters above the sea waters and allows visitors to watch waves crashing against the shore and cliffs under their feet.
Lunch @ G-jowu special dishes
Biking @ Mr. Brown AvenueIt was first named after Mr. Brown's coffee. Kaneshiro Takeshi, the man of chivalry, later shot a commercial film there. There are tourists visiting Mr. Brown Avenue all the time. It's not simply due to its incredible scenery. It is mainly due to the scene in the commercial film in which an old lady gives directions and the serves tea under a giant tree for tourists. This incidentally showed the greatest value of Taiwan
Dinner @ Mibanai aboriginal dishes
Accommodation @ F Hotel Chihpen To get away from the hustle-bustle, enjoying the beautiful views of Eastern Cost afar and relax in the pool, soaking up the free atmosphere of your vacation.



Duoliang StationAfter called the most beautiful station, Duoliang Station has attracted more and more tourists, due to the juxtaposition of railway, mountain and ocean. Although this station is not used any more, there are still trains passing. When a train rapidly passes in front into the cave, along with the background of blue ocean, rail fans would definitely be crazy for here
Lunch special dishes@ Tseng's
Kenting National Park
The total area is 466.8 hectares. Since the landform of Hengchun Peninsula is complicated and the weather is highly changeable, it breeds abundant and special rare plant resources. It is a rich and adequate forest with more than 1,000 kinds of both ornamental and conserved plants. Rising high coral limestone is everywhere in KenTing National Forest Recreation Area. The limestone is primarily composed of sedimentation of corals, foraminifers and nullipores.
●SianTung Total 137 meters. Varies scenes in it is constructed by stalactite
●Sea Viewing Tower It is eight 27 meters, and having a good view including the southernmost tip of Taiwan and Orchid Island.
●Valley of Hanging Banyans Banyan's exposed roots creep all the way from the cliff's edge to the 
jungle floor.
BBQ @ Happy Panda
Accommodation @ Grand Bay Resort Kenting
Low-Key Luxury, is filled with soft glow that provides customers with warm atmosphere.


National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium The National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium covers 96.81 hectares. The museum focuses on water. It is organized into three main areas: Waters of Taiwan, Coral Kingdom Pavilion, and Waters of the World, along with administrative, education, experimental, research, maintenance, and international conference buildings. The 84 meters underwater passage through 150 gallon aquarium in Coral Kingdom pavilion is one of the most interesting features.
Lunch @ Xiongs
Cijin, Kaohsiung
Along the Cihin old street, we can go to several attractionssuch as the Thienhou Temple, Chihou Shan, Cijin Lighthouse, Cijin Beach and some historical sites. And don't forget to enjoy the seafood in restaurants serving up fresh-from-the-sea cuisine ●We will take the boat from Cijin to Gushan!
The beach is known for its glistening blue water, gorgeous sunset, and natural coral reefs. The sunset at Sizihwan is acknowledged as one of the eight famous scenes of Kaohsiung. The beautiful glow of sunset extends into the water and sky where couples may enjoy romantic walks accompanied by the soothing sounds of the thrashing waves.
The Love Boat
At night, lights sparkle on Love River. Visitors can take the boats on the east and west banks to look at the romantic and charming sights of Love River. Then, you might like to enjoy drinking coffee at cafes with different moods, such as the River Mambo and Golden Love River.
Dinner @ Duplex Reminiscent Restaurant
Accommodation @ Kindness Hotel 
Nearby the Kaohsiung Station, Chienguo business area, Liuohe Night Market.



【Alishan National Scenic Area】It is said that there was a leader in "Tsou tribe" named "A-Ba-Li"250 years ago. He was braved and good at hunting. After hunting outside, he always backed with many prize. And he also took the people in "Tsou" out for hunting. To commemorate him, people named the place as "Alishan". Alishan is in the Chiayi County and it is a spur of Yushan which is the highest peak in Southeast Asia. Alishan Mountain Railway is world renowned and is one of the three mountain railways in the world. Because the elevation, the railway crossing Torridzone, Temperate zones to Frigid zones. Alishan is famous for five wonders: the railway, forest, cloud sea, sunrise and sunset glow.
Lunch @ Alishan Gou
【Giant tree trail】
A raised wood-planked trail that winds through a forest with 36 enormous Red Cypresses. The 1,000-meter path also leads to Guangwu Cypress, Alishan Thousand Year Cypress, and the toppled Alishan Divine Tree. The Thousand Year Cypress, a tree that is actually 2,000 years old, is a towering 35 meters tall and has a trunk circumference of 11 meters. Guangwu Cypress is 2,300 years old, with a height of 45
meters and a trunk circumference of 12.3 meters. Along the trail, twin and triple cypresses can also be seen. The view from the trail is particularly lovely in April, when the blooms of the Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum turn the area into a sea of pink.
Dinner @ Orient Luxury Hotel 'Japanese cuisine'
Accommodation @ Orient Luxury Hotel 
Creative, Kindness, Moving. Orient Luxury Hotel Intention to create a unique style hotel. Making the tourist have some special accommodation experience, Orient Luxury Hotel provides the most kindness services.



Sun Moon Lake Scenic AreaDivided by Lalu Island, the Sun Moon Lake scenic area got its name from the unique terrain that looked like a sun on one side and a crescent moon on the other. Crowned as one of the Eight Wonders of Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake is also the most famous source of hydroelectric power; offering key tourist themes - "high mountain and lake", "indigenous culture", and "nature ecology," the Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area attracts more than six million visitors each year.
Lunch @ Ita Thao
Cable car @ Sun Moon Lake
The Cable car connects from Sun Moon Lake to The Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. It is about 1,877 meters in length. The speed is 6 m/sec and the longest distance is 800 meters. Tourist just take seven minutes from Sun Moon Lake to the Culture Village and watch the view on the cable car.
Dinner @ South Garden
Accommodation @ Tai-Yi Red Maple Resort
Tai-Yi Red Maple Resort,the four-star hotel with flowers and natural SPA, is located at the geographic center of Puli town, NanTou County. Nearby Sun Moon Lake and Mt. Hehuan,the 13-hectare green power resort has7 ecological farms with different main subjects, which are specially designed for visitors to enjoy a Lohas vacation, and 104 rooms with various accommodation styles, such as farm-stay, home-stay and resort-hotel


Skywalk @ Qingjing FarmIt is about 1,700~1800 meters above the sea. In Qingjing farm, you can immerse yourself in the fresh air and the beautiful scenery of the farm. The skywalk is 1.2 kilometers long and 2.5 meters wide. For the convenience of the tourist, it connects the original trail to the south ticket entrance of Green Green Grassland. Also, for environmental conservation it is a "Skywalk" hidden and elevated among the crown layer of the trees. By this, visitors can also expect to look at the beautiful Qingjing area panoramically. Along the path are six scenic platforms which provide visitors with birds-eye views of the Central Mountain Ridge, Qilai Mountain and more.
Lunch @ Qingjing Guest House
Chung Tai Chan Monastery
The construction of the building combined both Chinese and Western styles. The famous architect, Li Tsu Yuan, designed it. Chung Tai Chan Monastery's bodybuilding contains Wu Hua changes, Gather lives, education, art learning, art, science. The building of the temple, the statue of Buddha, the fresco, the color paints, the carving structure, the calligraphy and etc, all of these form the content of the art. They show the real truth, the real nice and the real beauty of the spirit of Buddha.
Dinner @ Beer Work 'Tai cuisine'
Accommodation @ Hotel Kuva Chateau 
A relaxing space far from the urban bustle, HOTEL KUVA CHATEAU, as its Chinese name suggests, merges ancient China's cultural sophistication and the European taste for dignified luxury, not only in the underlying business philosophy, but also in the overall décor style that is classic, cozy, elegant and sumptuous all at the same time.


Jiufen Old Street Located in New Taipei City (Taipei County), Jiufen village used to be the center of gold mining. This small village is located within hills, next to the mountains, and facing the ocean. Due to its special location, Jiufen village is well known for its foggy weather condition which creates a romantic atmosphere. The name Jiufen comes from a legend where nine families used to live in this village. Before the development of Jiufen, there was a lack of transportation which made trips to the market inconvenient. Therefore, whenever one family goes grocery shopping at the market, they would be divided what they have bought into nine pieces for each of the families. "Jiufen" literally means "nine pieces" in Mandarin, and this is how the village name came from. Today, Jiufen features an old street that is full of local snack vendors and special accessory stores. Various foods such as "Yu Yuan" (taro balls), fried meat balls, steamed taro cakes, and herbal rice cakes, are the Jiufen's specialties. In addition, Chinese teahouses in this area are also very popular for both local and foreign tourists. Jiufen have beautiful sceneries so many tourist came to drink tea during night to appreciate the night view.
Lunch @ The Amei Teahouse
Travel to the airport and fly back to the warm home, for the rich journey to draw the perfect period.
Dinner not provided
Accommodation @ Home


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